Tymal Mills Planned to Invest Money from IPL

Tymal Mills has a few things in his mind which he would like to do when he gets the money he has been bought for in the IPL, but, since that money is still not in his possession, he is not thinking too much about it at this stage.

As per Mills, he isn’t the owner of a house yet and that’ something he wants to become. That’s been his dream for a long time. So, that would be right up there in his priority list when he has money in his locker and he is happy that the amount he would be making from the IPL, if he goes through the whole season, would be big enough for him to be in a position to make the full payment of the house in one go and not in instalments.

Mills reveals that a lot of people have been cheekily reminding him that he is a millionaire, but, he tells them that he is still not and the money is yet to come and it will come only after the season, but, he is overwhelmed to see how glad his mates are for him and that’s because all of them are aware of the struggles that he has had to do on his way up.

Mills is also looking for a professional who can sort all the banking formalities for him to be able to get the IPL money deposited against his name without any complications. The left arm quick says that since it’s the first time he will be involved in such a big transaction, he has no idea what are the criteria that need to be followed. That’s why he is in search of the right person who can help in that regard.

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