International twenty 20 cricket is on the rise with the big name teams slated to play as many as 15 Twenty 20 International matches per year, with the number likely to increase for teams reaching the latter stages of the ICC World Twenty 20 Championships, to be held later in the year in the Indian subcontinent in Sri Lanka.

Defending World Twenty 20 champions, the England Cricket Team will have played as many as 7 Twenty 20 Internationals from now to the beginning of the World Championships in September, which means that more and more players are likely to be drafted into the sides in order to maintain player fitness and exposure.

However, critics and fans alike, who are in favor of the International Cricket Council or the ICC attempting a revival of Test cricket have slammed the increase in the number of Twenty 20 matches a team such as ICC Cricket World Cup champions India or the International Twenty 20 champions the England Cricket Team have to play in a calendar year.

According to the critics, with the number of matches increasing in calendar year, teams will need to be on their toes and this will increase the chances of player injuries. They have also denied claims that fringe players will be the gainers in this stating that in high risk manages and tournaments, teams are bound to play star players, such as Kevin Pietersen, Jacques Kallis and others.

Moreover, this will also give rise to non-technical cricketers who will make their buck in international cricket without proving themselves in the arena of Test cricket. Players from the England Cricket Team as well as the Australian Cricket Team and South African Cricket Team were not unavailable for comment but it is being believed that they are not too happy with this arrangement.

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