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The Sims 4

You have created And control. 4. Create a new seven for all days of the big slope

several characters and speeches. Control the mind, the body and the heart;

Sims play with your life?

* Create what you want

* Make the perfect home

* Game with life

I came to see what else you can do on the RLD Grandpa’s knees

contain content


Extension package;

Go to work, then EP01

If you get EP02

EP03 is alive

cats,Dogs ep04

Game packages;

GP01 outdoor recipe

Wellness Day GP02


White GP04

GP05 parenting

Furniture packages;

SP01 Natural Nature Revolt Home

SP02 Patio Ideal Material

Cool SP03 house

Home SP04, leave all

Main cinema SP05 Hangout

Glory SP06 gardening material

Children’s material SP07 weekend


General SP09 American material

SP10 bowling night material

every major SP11

Baby SP12 material


but a Christian

The same great hats

all night

holiday celebrationFP01 upgrade

SChor of the murky killing

Digital unknown

Be happy!

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Sim 4: + They are the complete complement to the DLCO edition

Date Posted: April 4, 2014

Pop / General Tags: Artificial Lifestyle, Sim 3D


Electronic Art Publishing

Platform: PSP

Engine: in the house

Language: English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese

Language: Simlish

Crack, built-in (+ Rome machine4578)

Minimum requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP (SP3)

Processor: 1.8 GHz, IntelCaput 2 Duo / Kernel 64 or better 4000+


Graphic card:NVIDIA GeForce (6) 600 / ATI Radeon X1300 or better


Hard disk space: 25 MB

Dragon – click to enlarge


A four-game game that lets you play one life longer than life’s long-awaited simulation game. Shima’s smarter controls have a unique look, personality, behavior, and emotion. With a new level of experience and skills to potitactile the perfect plan for attractive skate every home, bedroom,Create Montage mode. Et Imago uses it to view, download and share content from a new game. They are not always alive. Control the mindbody and your whole heart, and learn from the game, the new Sims, given the possibilities that are at every stage of the production of products for the life of your stories.

The name xDeFiAnCe

I 4 The Sims 4 nights, all updated digital content – laser show, funny decorations as part of a hat. I Part 4digitalContents – Features Tiki FlamingBar and elegant, stylish suits for Sims. I Am 4 Stunning Animal Hats Digital Content – Displays a collection of fun to show animal hats for the Sims! I’m 4 CD – A digital soundtrack grunge music. Continuous Reward (Speed ​​Shift) Portland, Over Shine (Ambition) Ultraviolet Light Award (Night) Beacon Drawing, The Age (Dt), Marcus Reward (Christian) Name of Your Rewards Fame (Showtime) Award Twilight ENCHANTED (new)Whatever estTempestas Award (My) Awards Mother (University) is Tropical Reward (Paradise Island) during the Travel Fee (in the future) in the Freezer Rabbit Premium Nature Home Luxury Home Terrace HO Cold Heaven Home HolidayChristmas Updates Kids Weekend Home Medieval Garden Material Every home Home FAULT General General American Developer Hangout Home Subscribe to a newsletter Incentive (Death Bass) ComputerEnjoy Sims 3000 4 Outdoor Retreat4 of Sims go to work and then add 4-Spa in SimDies The Sims add 4 to all Sims 4, let each house H-seven 4 Whirlpool University Seven Complement 4 Life in the City H-seven Get 4 Kids 4 White Seven seven seven night bowling 4 4 4 procreation seven dogs cats

Release Functions

freedISO (19928776704 bytes) (USA) language pack is installed over (thanks to members especially machine4578!) 100% Wing MD5 Finish all installation files are identical to the originals, all DLCOAdditions also contain VivaldiUpdated, the latest version is no exception, no re-coded required to set the origin17 running the whole language much smaller file size (compressed at a cumulative GB 16) installation takes about 15 minutes (8-cpu thousand gallons) v45 minutes ( 2 CPU thousand gallons) Hard disk space after installation: set up 25 MB after the integrity check and do things that are used correctly is the game folderof the game has installed to change your game to the game of words or phrases: If you are free as administrator xDeFiAnCe ZTool Razor12911 library does not allow error near the beginning ex access to the Internet and uses the game DLCsOrigin runs At least 2 GB of ready memory (virtual drive) is required to install the RePack FitGirl version

Back compatibility

This suggests that they do not do it with every new development of my courage, RePackThe Sims 4, compatible.

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The Sims 4

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